What kind of shampoo and conditioner can I use so it doesn't dry out my hair?

Sodium Sulfate and shampoos with keratin dry out my hair. So what type of shampoo is left?


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  • any made of olive oil

    • What brand?

    • uhm I don't know specifically but organix is a good brand

    • Guess I'll have to go with another brand. They don't sell the Organix olive oil one around here.

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  • well there's one of your problems right there: keratin

    too much protein will dry out your hair and make it brittle, you need moisturising conditioners with coconut oil, aloe vera, argon oil (the best imo), honey or olive oil

  • live clean also I find using the morocanoil hair mask once every two weeks helps a lot also if your hairs really dry don't wash it every day go every other day or push it for as long as you can it's gross but it helps a lot

    • I wash it every other day.

  • I like sulfate and petrochemical free shampoos and conditioners. My fave atm is the Organix Awapuhi Ginger because it leaves my hair feeling like silky heaven.

    But Aubrey's is another great line

    • That's what I use. Organix ginger but it dries my hair out.

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