How to wear fedora properly?

I'm 16 years old, not very high, "little" too (Quite slim). And IT student (not very good looking one indeed) Yet I got myself a fedora, and wondering what would look on me the best. Only thing I thought about was a black striped short sleeve shirt and a dark T-shirt underneath. Any suggestions?


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  • while I admire your boldness & willingness to try something different, just dont

    go for things that are classicly good looking and appropriate for your age.

    The guy who recommends it is wearing it with a suit so that should give you an idea of what it takes to pull this off.

    'trendy hipster' looking clothes are not really a good look for high school. a fedora will draw attention in the wrong way 99% of the time.

    Im going to try to help with the overall everything because you remind me a bit of myself. I didn't do much in high school and waited until I was in college to really start caring. So this is some advice to hopefully help you. This is a general idea of things that can help and give you a place to start.

    *get yourself a couple nice button up shirts long & short sleeve, some decent T-shirts, a sweater or 2, some long sleeve Ts for under short sleeves, and a couple of hoodies.

    *get some decent looking jeans - levis, AE, etc., straight leg to boot cut possibly relaxed, dark indigo not 'blue' not overly faded or pre-torn, NO dad jeans

    *have ~2 pairs of nike/puma/addidas shoes, one pair dark/black chuka/desert boot & one light/brown of the same,

    *have at least one dress outfit - button down shirt, black 'slacks', actual dress shoes (black)

    *have 2-3 belts - no gold/brass buckles

    *get your hair cut by a college aged girl at a salon/stylist type place and just be open to anything. ask her what she would do with your hair. learn how to style your hair with different products.

    *avoid almost anything made by axe.

    *DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO BIG OR OVERLY TIGHT. Be willing to have nicer clothes tailored to fit you properly.

    *Want to look 'bigger'? wear layers. this is as simple as the long sleeve T under a short sleeve T. also the hoodie or sweater do this well - T shirt under either or a button up long sleeve with the cuffs and collar out from a sweater.

    also wear patterns in nicer shirts. plain single color shirts do not do anything beneficial for us thin guys.

    *want to get a girl? believe in yourself & have a confident auro. Don't ever fold for a girl unless you know 100% you're going to get what you ultimately want from her. DO NOT confuse this for not being nice. Girls like nice guys but they despise pushover guys. If a girl says the sky is blue, don't be afraid to tell her no it isnt, but have reasoning & rationale for your position...just don't get too sciencey/weird from the start.

    Final note on girls your age - they. are. dumb. females age 14-21+ must have emotion to be right. If they don't feel any emotion towards a guy then he will be boring.

    • sorry for the wall of text but I hope you and any other guy reading this gets something out of this.

    • The last paragraph is epic, really. Really true indeed. Anyway, thanks for the wall, will try to get as much as I can out of that.

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  • u cant

  • feodras just don't go well with any guy


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  • i mean it is hipster time in fashion so I see guys where fedoras with just about anything. really it depends on the hat itself. some are more casual and can be work with t-shirts, plaids, etc and others are a bit more formal and should be worn with suits or blazers. really I've seen people wear fedoras with just about anything

  • Unless you're out on an ancient burial dig site attempting to prevent the resurrection of an equally ancient and powerful warrior conqueror, I don't want to see that fedora touch any part of your head.

    • Good news, you won't. But I'll still try and wear it.

  • My suggestion is you return the fedora.

  • dont wear a fedora unless you pay the blues are an old black man or are going to party dressed as an extremely classy individual

    and lastly if you're Indiana jones its acceptable as welll

    other wise id take that sh*tback...

  • I love fedoras, I've been wearing them for more than ten years now and always wear them in combination with my suits. To be stylish instead of hipsterish, try to **** it to one side or tip it backwards/forwards. I'll guarantee it'll look great on you.

    • It seams GaG translates 'flip' as ****