Guys, what makes you fall head over heels for a girl?

What makes you get like crazy about her, fall in love with her? What personality traits, situations, behavior , maybe looks, etc. ?

What is the most important thing in this girl that makes you feel she is special for you?


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  • Well, if I had to summarize:

    - Sweet and kind to other people

    - Lady in the streets and freak in the sheets

    - Cares about her health

    - being very beautiful (of course)

    - Educated

    - Our personal connection (similar interests, morals, and sexual compatibility)

    I was head over heels in love with my girlfriend in the past but her personality is changing and to be honest I have been looking for a new girl that I have more in common with.


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  • Every time this is asked I have a different answer. Do you know why? Because there's a lot of things that do this and it's all dependent on the timing and a lot of other factors. The reality is this:

    It has nothing to do with her. Nothing. Jack-sh*t. What makes a man fall head-over-heels for a woman is his state of mind, his openness, his willingness, the stage in his life. It's the same with women really; young girls go for things they would NEVER go for when they get older and vice versa and the reason is because you as a person change with time so what your needs are today will change too.

    Other than that it's generic nonsense like "kindness, intellect ... " yatta yatta which are A ) ambiguous; what one person sees as intellectual is almost always beneath MY radar and above others' radar so there's that and B ) common: most people aren't going to be mean to you. It's just reality; they aren't! So wanting a "kind boyfriend or girlfriend" is kind of like looking at the 90% of the population and going "I want ... one!" Go ahead.

    So then those traits are outright lies and we're wired with more and more intricacies that are subconscious or even primal and instinctual.

    That was fun! :D

  • Their personality...


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