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Guys, how do you feel about sexually forward women? I'm not talking about trasy, easy, or your stereotypical "one night of fun, and dispose of after" girls- I mean women that are educated, cultured, and have style... but are forward in what they like, and how they approach men they are interested in and/ or casually dating. Not too overt, but definently challenging for some men. Is it a turnoff?

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I realize I forgot the "h" in trashy. I apologize.


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  • Like I said before, I feel intelligence is usually sacrificed for confidence and vice versa. I have a lot of female friends who are getting their masters, teachers, and other fields. And many of them always ask, "Why can't I find a great guy"? Many of them lack confidence and are usually frustrated. When your an accomplished woman, you usually feel your good at everything. But when it comes to dating, if your having trouble, it can make you feel even more frustrated.

    But as you just asked, what about women who have a combo? An intelligent and sophisticated mind, while being incredibly outgoing, flirty, and confident? I feel it's an amazing combo. There is something incredible about a woman whose sexy and knows what she's doing. Her intelligence also makes it all the more alluring.

    • Thank goodness I always have your answers to look forward to. :) Not that I'm picking favorites or anything...

    • I think women like you describe might be "too much" for some guys. If you feel your partner is better at everything "important", that must give you an inferiority complex. I know one shouldn't think like that, but it happens to be common.

    • Sorry i didn't mean to downvote your comment. My appologies

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  • A girl being too forward will MOSTLY attract wusses and guys that just want sex...

    Whoever tells you otherwise has no idea...

    Former because "thats the only one I can get.."

    Later " I might as well if its presented on a plate..."

    So if you want just sex, then by all means...

    No guy is gonna think "what a lovely girl.."

    A confidence and a little shyness is definitely attractive on a girl...


What Girls Said 1

  • i think most guys like them! lol..they are too scared to make the first move, so go for it!

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