Girls, please tell me why this is the case

I've never been in a relationship before and I don't know why. I'm 21 years old now and it's getting frustrating. I would say I'm fairly muscular. 5'11 170 pounds. I'm goofy, funny, fun to be around with and talk to and I can be really sweet. Maybe its because of my face? My friends that are girls have said I'm not a bad looking guy. But I don't know I don't get any interest from girls. You could say I am a bit shy around girls so I don't make moves much so maybe that's why. But I mean, I also never get girls to look at me or flirt with me (except the ones thay are naturally flirty). I don't get any signs from them either. I have no idea why I'm where I am. Maybe its because I'm Asian? I don't know lol.


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  • An awful lot of US girls think Asian guys are boring, and won't let the girls have their way all the time.

    I'd join a club for people with your interests, so that people will have to get to know you a little. Say a hikiing club? Sports? Music?

  • Most girls in your age-range will be only attracted to very assertive guys.

    So build up some confidence to talk to them. You have no problem talking to girls, since you have female friends. Maybe ask them to introduce you to other girls, and chaperon you a bit ? And be patient, 21 isn't that old. Your case is pretty common.

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