How good looking must a guy be to be worthy of a girl's time?

ive never had a girlfriend ands its all from genetics (ugly facial structure . I want to know how good looking I should be to be accepted by a girl ( an unattractive girl ) as worthy to be dated


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  • Not many girls want to be with a guy that cares that much about his appearance so not many girls will want to be with you. We like confidence.

    • you like confiBS on good looking guys . I've never seen a girl with a confiBS ugly guy

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  • No girl will want you. Because your dumb like wtf who talks like that? No girls gonna want a guy who talks like he looks like Shrek. Heck Shrek is green and a ugly oger and he'd still be more attractive then you because he's not a wimpy insecure f***. Girls want a man to protect then not have to protect their man. Suck it up and be a man.

    • And fyi just for future references you should think your girlfriend is unattractive.. If you get her because your that desperate and think she's unattractive your an a**hole and she deserves a guy who thinks she's beautiful. Every women is beautiful in her own way

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    • ya because a girl sure knows that I'm weak just from a small convo

    • I didn't say weak I said wimpy and stfu you know I'm right

  • If someone can't accept you for who your are than they aren't worth your time. Personality is key tho. I have found that I've even fallen for one of my online friends even though I've never seen him in person. We only know each other by voice.

    • what if no girl accepts me ?

      +ive had girls who liked me online until they saw my picture

    • Patience is key. You can't rush life. :)

    • guys get girls all the time , I'm almost 20 , why do I have to be different :/

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  • Not that much. There's a lot of girls out there who are turned off by good looking guys because they want to be the good looking one in the relationship and if you look better than them they'll lose interest.

  • I think your putting too much though into appearance , a lot of what a girl is looking for in personality , money , is the guy fun to be with , do you have common interests , those sort of things , . I'm not saying appearance isn't important but it isn't everything either

    • appearance opens the door for the other things , you need appearance

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