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I am looking into opening my own bank account, I'm about to graduate college. What are questions I should ask the different banks and what are things I should look for when looking at the different banks as well as what should do I want to stay away from. Also what banks do you use and what are the pro's and Con's to them?


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  • Find one I'm your area with plenty of atms. If not you will be charged a fee to withdraw your money from another banks. Also ask about minimum balances. Find one that doesn't make you have one. Also ask how they process debit card transaction. Some will play games and screw you over and you will oh fees. And they can add up quickly. Don't worry about interest rates because they all suck now and I doubt you have much money. You might also find out hours of operation. Some banks stay open late.

    I choose a credit union. They don't have a bunch of atms which I hate. But they do look out over there customer unlike big banks who looks out over the shareholders. Also I get decent interest on first 500. And every year I get part of there profits. Depends how much money I keep in there. Better then big banks.

    Good luck


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  • Try for a credit union. No bullsh*t fees for the most part.

  • Use a bank that doesn't charge a fee for not having enough money, or not making enough deposits often enough; most of the big banks have this policy now since a couple of years ago after the financial crash (which they caused). When they did this, I changed over to a credit union which doesn't have these policies. I'd also suggest to reject any credit card offers and stick with the debit cards.


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