Why he offered his help and did nothing about it?

Guy I know and I was on 5 meetings so far offered his help in choosing computer I am looking for now. He seemed really eager to help me and this came absolutely from his side ( I only mentioned that I need comp now and I am looking for good one). Then in the end of a meeting he "remained" me about it and asked if I can send him what types I found interesting so far and what I look for specifically so he can compare and maybe search for himself and help in making decision. I sent him message two days later covering this topic, he replied the same day in the late evening that he will check this during the weekend cause he is now busy( he works) and that he'll let me know when he will come up with his opinion and find solution. I replied that OK. Weekend passed and there was no answer from him so far..what can it mean? doesn't he want to help me and doesn't like me so he ignores me?

I don't get why he offered his help himself and then not do anything about it.. also I thought that it should be in some ways "ego boosting" for him that he can show this way how much familiar he is with the topic, he's clever or sth..


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  • maybe he was busy, maybe he is still researching. I think you are reading a bit too much to assume he doesn't like you simply because he hasn't gotten back. maybe just shoot him aquick message (like "so any suggestions?") but perhaps his weekend was just busy and he doesn't want to reach out til he's figured it out.

    perhaps give it another day but try not to jump to conclusions too soon

  • He could be busy.


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