Guy talks about some girl and look at you... ulterior motive?

There is this guy, a friend of mine that mentioned about some girl and looked at me quickly when he did this.

Why is that?



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  • He could be trying to get you jealous so you notice him. If he thinks you like him then him mentioning another girl is his way of painting a picture to you that he has options, so if you like him you have to make a move before it's too late.

    • I do always catch him looking at me, but sometimes he acts I don't have any effect on him. I'm interested in him, and to be honest, his behavior pisses me off!

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    • its true! I will stop giving him any attention... if he really likes me, he will give in.

      Im so exausted of his games!

      Thanks for helping me. I'm feeling better now. :D

    • No problem! Good luck with everything.

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