Why is he avoiding eye conact now?

There was this guy who kept holding eye contact for more than 3 secs. The first time we couldn't look away and the second time we realized we had each other for class and he turned his whole body to face me(to the back) and we held eye contact but I didn't smile and I wish I did. The third time he missed class but I saw him after and I saw him staring at me while I was trying to get by from people walking.

He tries to look from the corner or his eye a couple of times or he will turn his head to look at me or when I'm talking to my friend he will look. But today he avoided eye contact. He looked once but that was it. After class I left and I was walking to my next class and I saw him walking but when I stopped to meet my friend he ended up walking towards me but passing me and I got nervous and looked away and he still didn't make eye contact.

I have tried to smile twice before but he looks away to fast when I would look at him

Why is he avoiding eye contact now? I do find him attractive but I'm too scared because I don't know if he finds me attractive and now that he is trying not to look at me I just don't know


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  • Maybe he's uncomfortable you're looking at him and he wants you to leave him alone