What is the best way to look for random jobs I want in an area?

Like let's say I want to look for jobs in NYC, like communications/marketing/media/journalism type stuff. Please give me some helpful pointers that will lead to positive results. Thanks.


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  • Well there's the obvious job search websites. Indeed.com is good

    But it also helps to know companies that are in your type of field. You like marketing? Google as many marketing firms as you can and just send your résumé out to all of them. Even if there isn't a job listing. A lot. Sites will have sections on their websites with information on careers. Some may even have openings posted.

    If your in college, or graduated semi-recently, there will be a career services office that will have resources.

    I grew up in NYC. While there might be a lot of opportunities, it's also incredibly expensive to live there. Don't go unless your sure you can afford it

    • how is indeed good?

    • then where

    • How is it good? I don't know ey typically have tons of listings.

  • link

    Great website. You can search for the field you want to go into and where. They have available places and required skills for those spots.

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