What comes under too much grooming and too much into looking pretty ,for a guy?

How much grooming and fashion would come under 'trying too much' and would put a girl off?

Are these hot on a guy?



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  • LOL this question came up in my head the other day. I am not sure if I'm turning metro. I would never wax my eyebrows or shave my chest (it's hairy as hell too), but I want to avoid acne and BO so I try to smell nice and have smooth skin.

    Up until maybe 4 months ago, I didn't take care of myself at all. I got tired of acne or oily skin so I decided to change that. I also had a severe problem with BO so I feel like I have to put more effort into my hygiene than other guys.

    I now have a thorough regiment. I cleanse, and moisturize daily,exoliate 2-3 times a week, and once a week I do this clay Indian mask. I also take my time shaving, I use a barber's towel to soften the skin and use a pre-shave oil, lather up with a mug and brush and use a straight razor to avoid razor bumps. I like having aftershaves with certain scents, and shower with scented soap to match the aftershave. I also put body lotion on myself to fight stretch marks because I lost a lost of weight quickly and I want my skin to tighten up. Also started using Gold Bond: foot powder in my shoes and Body Powder on my balls to avoid sweating/smelling. My shampoo is just some Clubman Pinaud stuff, maybe the hair tonic too.

    Does all this seem excessive?


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  • makeup

    obviously tweezed eyebrows

    • Clean Shaved body? Does that come under it?

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    • shaved face, fine. shaved chest and legs=weird.

    • Even shaved chest = weird? I think that's major turn on to girls. No?

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  • I just answered a style question about whether I liked the Miami Vice look, and that is a perfect example of guys trying to look pretty, looking like bridesmaids. Solid color, contrasting slacks and jackets. Catch the bouquet?

    Those tights are hideous, but they'd look good on a girl with good legs. At least they aren';t from Miami Vice!

    • Shaved legs, chest and arms?

  • If you have more hair care products than she does, it's too much.

    If you use lotion for more than preventing chapped hands and as lube, it's too much.

    If you get regular manicure/pedicure treatments...and they're not requested by a girlfriend, it's too much.

    Other than that, chicks dig clean good smelling dudes. (except for the really nasty fun ones)

    • Ok. I liked your profile pic! ;-p

  • Pretty much, if your grooming regimen takes longer than a girls, or if you have more grooming products than a girl, you're trying too hard.

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