What does he mean when saying I look hot?

I heard from my cousin, named John that this one boy was talking about me. This boy is hot and he is older than me. He keeps saying to John stuff like, "Your cousin is looking hot today." (He is talking about me being hot.) John just sort of ignores him. But, he also told me that this older boy said this stuff jokingly. What does this older boy mean? Is he saying that I'm actually hot or is he practically saying that I'm ugly. I know when some girls say that they aren't ugly, they aren't fully telling the truth. This is the truth about me: I'm pretty, nothing absolutely spectacular, but different looking (in a good way). I'm not a model, but I am positive that I'm not ugly. Help me! What is this guy saying?


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  • I think he thinks you are hot, but just doesn't want to say it without saying it in a joking way, because he's afraid how your cousin will react.


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  • 50% of all jokes are based in truth. He thinks you're attractive, but because you're his friend's cousin, he might not act on it. And of course, your cousin's not going to say anything in response because he's not thinking that way about you.

    But it sounds like this guy really does think you're attractive.


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  • Maybe he's not saying you are ugly maybe that's just his way of saying that you are hot, he says it in a joking kind of way.