Why did he do a double take?

There is this guy who I had eye contact with like twice for a couple of seconds and then he started to look at me but look away when I would look at him. Now he just avoids eye contact but he will look at me during class at times (I sit in the back) so he turns his head.

Today I was walking around to see if I saw him because I wanted to say hi and talk to him but I didn't think I would see him and out of nowhere he is walking with his friend and my friend was with me but when I told her that was him she said he looked at me then looked away and back at me fast but when he looked back at me he tried moving his head a bit to see if it was me.

I didn't see this because I wasn't looking.

I don't know if he is attracted to me or not but I was wondering from all this if he is or not? before I try talking to him

And why would he do a double take?


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  • Why are you over thinking this?

    If you're interested then just do something about it

    There's no point over thinking every little thing

    So what he did a double take

    It could mean anythin