Has anyone been to Hungary?

I know everywhere as their fair share of attractive people and unattractive people but if you have been to Hungary, how are the women there? This is such an odd question, haha.


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  • Hi.

    I have been to Hungary (Budapest) many times.

    The thing that you ask about the lady's is hard to answer, as you did not put any age group in.

    But I can tell you that Hungary has got a LOT of very beautiful looking young lady's.

    The only thing is, that the young lady's know this.

    Some can look down on you as if you have just put your foot in some sh*t.

    But in saying that, some are very nice and helpful.

    One more thing, Pepole of Hungary are NOT the same as others from the west.

    It is how things are in Hungary that has made them like this.

    Just one more thing to tell you.

    In August in Budapest, is a BIG week long music festival.


    I will be going this year, as I went for the first time last year.

    But if any one intends to go to this festival, I would pay the extra money to stay in the VIP camp.

    Well I hope that this information is of some help to you.

    Bye from John :o)


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  • I was in Hungary with my family. It was like an endless erection.


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  • check google. google it. I have no idea... I'm not sure if it will even work but hey, you never know unless you give it a shot! but I think the ages will be the same as every other country. some old people some young, some babies some tenns. never know. you will have to go with everyone there is the same as eveyone in the is the same as everyone in america or russia or maybe even china.

  • Well I am Hungarian myself, and I can tell the Eastern European ladies are very pretty and beautiful. They act and dress feminine.
    A guy here said that they tend to look down on you. Well unfortunately there are some girls who do it, but the most of them don't! Especially in the countryside. Girls and women on the countryside are more modest than those ones that live in Budapest. :)