Why am I having such a hard time finding love?

I am 22, and I have only had one experience with a guy which was last year and it was horrible. I am starting to think that will be the only type of person, or only guy that I will be able to have anything with, only he was an a**hole and I don't want to have anything to do anymore. I am on okcupid, I get a lot of compliments on my looks and personality but I can't seem to find anyone outside okcupid. What am I doing wrong? Also guys say they prefer girls without makeup but go to girls who have a ton of makeup on and call them hot. Should I start wearing makeup? I am beginning to think that I will never find anyone, I won't find my soul mate. What should I do? What is wrong with me? The guy I was with told me I was crazy and a lost cause and I am starting to think it's true. Lately I have been feeling like I am a bad person.

I'm beginning to think that I only attract desperate/clingy guys too... they get so infatuated so fast. That was exactly what happened last year and it ended horribly. I'm scared of repeating the same cycle again.


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  • In all honesty there is so much out there and sometimes you can find what your looking for in places you don't expect to find them. After my break up I was a mess, I got out of a ten year relationship and I thought it was over for me. I felt like a part of me was missing and although I haven't found anyone new yet I've begun to realize that I have to set standards for myself and you should do the same too... Realizing that there are people who are there for you not just as a partner but as your family and friends will help you get through the tough times


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