Why guys like to watch the girl when she's not looking?

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me to go to the gym where he works, because he was going to teach me some exercises. When I got there it took a few minutes for him to show up. But I saw him before he came closer to talk to me... He was looking at me, kinda hidden from me... LOL

So, what I want to know is: why he did that? Why some guys act this way towards some girl?



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  • I think he was hiding and looking at you because he wanted to check you out from a distance and without getting caught.But since you caught him he probably felt embaress.I think guys like to do that because if they think a girl looks hot then they are going to stare and look at her. Maybe deep down inside he might have a crush on you.Depending on how the friendship is meaning if he flirts,etc.

    • What is strange is that he is 26 years! This sounds of something that a teenager would do it... This is what I don't get it!

    • Lol your right I would think a 26 year old would act more matore but sometimes the age thing doesn't mean nothing with a guys matourity level.Sometimes older guys can act like teenagers sometmes.

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