Gold Digger 'Prank' Video - Thoughts?

Saw this today:


Now, I know not all women are like this and it's nothing new but it's funny how some women will do a complete 180 when it comes to money.

Would you still go out with a girl if she changed her mind like this? What are your opinions on gold diggers?

Ladies, feel free to turn the tables but instead of a luxurious car, say you dressed up not so attractive (without makeup) and the guys turn you down but with makeup or your true self, the guy is all of a sudden interested.

Please be honest.


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  • I don't wear a lot of make up to begin with, but left and right I usually get hit on.

    I was tired of all of the attention so I decided to dress down.

    I wore a long trench coat down that reached down to my ankles (you could not see my shape),

    A hat covering my hair, and it was almost like I was invisible to all of the men.

    Men that would naturally check me out, and treat me great

    all of a sudden did not have an eye for me.

    It was complete day and night in how guys reacted to me.

    Of course, I didn't care because the difference was almost shocking.

    From that perspective (for the example you gave for women), I wouldn't say that is a gold digging mentality because clearly these men want nothing from us (money wise).

    But it does got me thinking how superficial can some men be?

    In response to your video,

    I have never been the gold digging type.

    Sure, it is important for a man to be ambitious and want something for his life.

    But I am not going off of what kind of car he drives, how he dresses or how much money he pulls out.

    I just want a man that treats me right.

    I have known some women that were like that and to be honest, it disgusts me.

    It is no different than prostitution, or sugardaddy type relationship, because the only motive that person has for that relationship is payment with cash.

    You're basically buying goods.

    Sure, people should be entitled to go for what they want.

    But openly tell someone what you are looking for,

    Not make someone think they have a genuine chance with you.

    • of course I didn't care but the difference was almost shocking *** typo there.

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  • I think it's quite sad, but some women will go very far in order to lead a glamorous lifestyle. Unfortunately many women see easy money as a goal in life. I think it's a bit cynical to think that most women marry because of money, because its not true.

  • That video's gone viral at this point. I can't even look at the comments, with guys saying all women are like this and we're only interested in money. I have a negative view of gold diggers, and I've always made my own way in life, it just sucks that the actions of one or some women become blown up to be the way all women are.

  • OMG! I JUST watched this video on my own yesterday, that is so weird, haha!

    Yeah, that's pretty despicable. I loved the ending when he blew her off. I wish more men did that to women who act like that!

  • I find it pretty silly how the word gold digger is only applied to women. There's a lot of male gold diggers out there.


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  • i don't want to date someone who is shallow for any reason whether it's money, or physical looks, or anything superficial.

    I think it's fine to want financial stability or a physically attractive partner but it shouldn't be the sole basis for being with a person

  • She was quite nice actually, in the Netherlands you get maced in the face for "hey cutey!".

    Nevertheless... Yeah, she's suddenly interested... Women...

  • I think that's a BS video.

  • I think it was expected that was going to happen

  • He gets one example. Big deal. No one claimed gold diggers don't exist.