I am 5'9 3/4 and 22 male, what will my true final height be?

i know that I could hit 5'10 very soon because I am so close to it and I know that guys can grow till 25 usually.


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  • No one can predict your height. The average age men stop growing is about 21. Some can still grow until they're 25, some stop growing at 16. However, you don't see too many growth spurts in your 20s. How much have you grown in the past few years? If you haven't really grown that many inches the past few years, chances are you're done growing.

    If you're insecure about your height, don't be. You're about the average height of an American male.

    Unlike me, I'm 5'6 but I've learned to embrace my shortness and I make up for it in different areas.


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  • I was told that guys grow until 21. The source of that info is not reliable though.

    My Boyfriend is 6'5" and SWEARS blindly that he grew an inch when he was 23. Sounds suspect but I'm not sure. His friends also told him he got taller.

    So PERHAPS! But come one... Nothing wrong with 5'9". Is this an American thing? Every question is about height.

    Try taking HGH. Maybe your growth plates haven't closed yet.

    But that is probably bad advise >.<

    • I had to take HGH myself. HGH does not stimulate growth for adults. Usually that stuff becomes ineffective at around age 16, 17 or 18 if you're lucky.

    • Well there you go, I thought it was maybe too late.

    • If you are (extremely) tall you can grow late like your boyfriend. Little guys are done at 18-19, unless they have some crazy hormonal imbalance that balances later than that.

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  • I had already hit my final height of 6'3" at 20.