Why he acts this way with me?

My friend has a girlfriend. I noticed that sometimes he looks at my body, my face... likes to watch me. I kinda feel attracted to him too, but I'm aware that he's not single, so I do my best to avoid keeping eye contact with him, and stuff like that when people are flirting.

I just want to know why every time that someone say something about her, the first thing he do is to look at me. Why is that? Its possible that he might like me? What do you guys think?




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  • Very possible. Just because he has a girlfriend doesn't mean he cannot find you attractive.

    • Its true... but all I know is that I feel uncomfortable when he does that...

    • Do you not find him attractive ?

    • I find him attractive, but he's in a realationship, so there is nothing else I can do... Why you asked? I'm accepting advices if you're willing to help :)

  • maybe he wants to see if you are jealous?

    • it can be. guys usually have a big ego, don't you think?

    • tell me about it! guys and their egos...

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