Straight Male: Can I pull off alternitive male fashion ?

Why can't guys wear what you gals wear that I consider as comfortible and more "unisex" such as Ugg boots, Ballet flats, Stetch, skinny and bootcut jeans capri pants and clogs? I want to know how and why as well the fact that I'm as straight as an arrow as I have a girlfriend and I believe that marriage I between a man and a woman for the most part. the gays can do what they want as to me it's not a "meat and potatoes issue.I love cetain styles of womens she's like flats because they're comfotible for a guy like me that has small, (US size 10 womens) feet and extremely comfortable and I also love Uggs boots and Fitflop flipflops


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  • I wear tight shirts and skinny jeans a lot, most comfortable clothes I've ever been in. When I'm out clothes shopping, I get asked a lot if the jeans I'm buying are for my GF. When I tell them that they're for me I always get strange looks.

    I guess anyone can "pull it off". You kind of just have to ignore peoples remarks and looks of disapproval. As far as any of the other stuff you listed, it's all just preference I guess. If it's comfortable, wear that sh*t. Who cares what other people say.

    • You should just tell the truth and "America Eagle" as well as other places have mens skinny jeans

  • For the exception of flats most of what you said is unisex except woman wore them more so everyone thinks they are only for woman some people think Toms are only for woman. In my opinion wear what you want I have been wearing flats for years now and no one cares people only talk a big game behind a computer.