When I'm flirting, should I make eye contact with this girl and smile?

when I'm flirting should I make eye contact with this girl and smile? sometimes I see her looking at me and shell see me looking at her but I bitch out and don't make eye contact or I do and look away.

Don't girls like it when you gaze into their eyes even if its across the room and then look away or is it creepy?

and should I shoot her a smile when I do it?

  • Gaze into her eyes and smile
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  • Gaze into her eyes don't smile
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  • Make eye contact smile and quickly turn
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  • Don't make eye contact stare at her ass and smile
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  • Make eye contact and turn don't smile
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i never realized now that I have been looking around on this site how imp it is no wonder I haven't been getting any girls..


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  • When a guy makes eye contact with a girl in a room it always indicates some level of attraction. You're drinking them in and analyzing them. No one wastes that time if they are uninterested.

    If a guy makes eye contact with me and smiles I feel kinda giddy and light because you know at that moment he's saying something like; "You're kinda cute" with his eyes. If a guy makes eye contact and just stares, I get excited and goosebumpy. It feels like he's undressing you. More lusty. Depends on what you're going for.

    No matter what, don't feel strange or self-conscious about it because she wouldn't have noticed you looking at her if she didn't look at you as well.

    • Haha this is a good way to look at it gave me more conf thaks.,..its in a gym and she was on the treadmil and I was across the room I saw her come in and looked at her then I looked at her when she was on teh treadmil and she looked at me but I got nervous and looked away then again it happened and I gave her a nice stare like 5-6sec. and walked away

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  • I didn't pick any but if I did I would vote A. There is a guy I work with that I have a huge crush on, when he does that "Stares and smiles" I melt. He doesn't know that, thank god, or maybe he does...Smooth operator? I say he does it on purpose, making me feel like I'm somebody...Like I'm special... Most guys say they don't do that on purpose. But I beg to differ...Lol

  • Girls love that...It makes us feel special and dreamy eyed. Like we are the only one that matters to you at that moment...


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