What do guys do when they see a hot or cute girl walking by?

The other day I went to a shop that was on the street and there was a group of guys standing outside so when I was going in some of them looked at each other and whispered and laughed , and then when I went out about 10 minutes later , a boy from them went in the same time I was going out and when he saw me he looked at his friends and smirked. Do you guys have a code or something?


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  • I usually notice that she's checking me out... If she's staring, I'll hit right back with a stone cold gaze. Then based on her confidence level either she 1) nervously darts eyes, 2) blush, 3) smiles confidently, or 4) over do it with flirtatious signals. While leads to 1) smirk for one and 2, 2) anything from a confident smile to an approach for 3, or 3) a muffle laugh and smirk and maybe a head shake for 4... I don't much gossip with guys about girls, but basically what guys is something sexual like damn look at that ass, with some posturing about what they would do, and then they obviously don't do anything. lol

    • *which

      *what guys are saying is something...

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    • And by little do you mean alot? And if you have dimples and kinda curly hair that is kinda long like harry styles but not too long then let me faint lol :D

    • You're funny. =P Yep, I'm 32. Quite a bit older... No I don't have dimples. I don't have curly long hair either. I have a buzz cut. The last time it was somewhat long was when I was 12 years old, and it was straight dark brown hair way back then. =)

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