Yes, another "why do women do this" question

I've heard this concern many times by men.

A guy and a girl go out regularly. They have a great time, and they even get physical. Yet, when it comes to calling and texting, the girl isn't responsive. She gives one-word answers or sometimes she ignores it completely, without apology.

Why is this?

- She is super-busy?

- She doesn't like to text

- She's trying not to appear desperate?

I'm thinking it's the third option

The woman goes out with him several times. They have a great time when they go out, and they even get physical. Yet when it comes to calling and texting, she just isn't responsive to him.


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  • I can honestly say this is me, oops haha.

    I just don't like to text. The only time I really text is about important matters and to make plans to hangout. If I want to have a conversation, I'll text you and ask you if you're free to come over or to get coffee or something.

    Also, I'm busy working most of the day, and I'm not allowed to have my phone at work. When I get home, the only thing I want to do is rest. If you maybe ask me a question I'll answer it but if you just text "Hey (:" and this conversation is probably not going anywhere, I'm not responding.

    Texting is hard. Sarcasm doesn't translate well over text and because it's a permanent thing that can be seen over and over again, you have to think carefully about everything you type so that nothing is misconstrued. That's why I prefer talking in person.

    I have apologized to some people about it, I've had a few guys act offended by it but honestly I don't think it's such a big deal if I don't text back. It doesn't mean I'm not into you. I'm not playing games being "hard-to-get" or whatever. I'm just not a texter.

    • thats a very good explanation. yeah I suspect the reason it is because women DO want to go out with the guy so they'll save their time and energy for when they actually meet him. but also, it is VERY weird and disconnecting if a girl passionate kisses a guy one moment and at another acts like she could care less in between the times they meet. but I agree, "hey" isn't exactly the most interesting conversation matter.

    • I agree how it is very weird, but some women can just be a little bipolar on things like that. Sometimes she really does care, but that just doesn't mean constant connection and conversation.

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  • I've never done this. I love to hear from a guy and let him know that I love hearing from him. I always make sure I have a good response for what he is asking me, so I don't seem bored or uninterested.

    But my guess would be option 3 also,


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  • This happens with a lot of girls online with me. I'll go out a few times even and suddenly they disappear. Sometimes they accidentally slip up and hint at the core issue(like this other guy came back into the picture) or something similar. An easy way to spot this early on is if she doesn't initiate texts or calls with you and relies on you for setting everything up, she's gonna take you for granted. and this ends up happening.

    • also in an online dating setting, she's talking to like 5 or 10 other guys. so she may find a guy more interesting than u.

    • Oh yeah. Many girls tell me they get like 50 messages a day.

    • and 90% of them are from creepy, pervy, one-word or from old guys. so there isn't THAT much competiton. but still real life is the best bet, I find.

  • Could be any of the three plus a thousand more. Judge a girl by what her actions are when you are together, not by electronic communication.