I've turned 16, I want a new me!

im in high school I look younger than I am! I want to change my look and feel older, I want a change in underwear also! what would you older girls recomend? thanks x


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  • Don't change who you are, it's not worth it.

    But if you're interested in looking a little older, instead focus on being a more mature version of yourself. As a petite girl who looks younger than I am, I know how you feel.

    First thing's first, why do people think you're so young? Do you wear hoodies, converse sneakers and skinny jeans? Do you have the big "bump" in your hair and lots of makeup? Do you speak with a baby voice? Do you have bad posture? Speak incorrectly? Gossip or talk loud in public? These are some of the things that will automatically scream "teenager".

    But you are a teenager, so that's okay. Remember, it's okay to be young! Enjoy it! Don't change who you are. But if you want to at least look your age or know how to get dressed up once in a while, here are a few tips.

    Something that might surprise you is that teenage girls often dress even more provocatively than college students. I know you want to be hot, but trust me, guys know what you have. You don`t have to show it all off. The key to being a lady is wearing well-made clothes that fit, but still leave enough to the imagination. Don't wear sweats to school very often, and remember that leggings are NOT pants. Seriously. If you are wearing leggings, your shirt should be low enough to cover your crotch. Keep the cleavage and spaghetti straps to a minimum. Don't have clothes too tight. I know it might seem counter-productive, but a girl in tight skinny jeans and a spaghetti top will look younger than the girl in a nice pair of jeans and a cute top. Women don't need to show it all off. I know you want guys to look at you, but I promise they are. You might not see it yet. Don't try to attract more customers by lowering the price of the product.

    Speak properly, and be polite. You're never too young to shake someone's hand, or send a thank-you card. You can still be professional. Don't gossip and be immature, and follow dress codes. You should always strive to be the kind of person that others will look up to, not down upon. Follow through with your promises, show up on time, sit straight, say your please and thankyou's. This behavior is what will set you out as being mature. This is how you will get that job and score that scholarship.

    Don't wear too many crazy colors and patterns at once. Mix up your brighter pieces with some neutrals. And makeup is fun, but try and stick to one focus. Bright eyes or bright lips, not both. You're beautiful, so makeup should just be a fun accent, not the main attraction.

    Hope this helps. Remember, your behavior is what will set you apart as older or younger, but clothes and makeup do help. But people will probably mix up your age until you're thirty, so learn to get used to it. I'm 20 and still have customers at work think I'm 15, while others will think I'm 25. Don't worry too much on what others think. Good luck!

    • thanks hun that was really good advice xx

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  • I like the present you more. I see no real reason to change.


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  • It depends what figure you have, what underwear I may suggest.

    Do you like lace panties, or boy shorts?

    Those are very cute.

    If you want to look older,

    do not wear shirts with big pictures/cartoons on them, or big words.

    Wear something form fitting with small designs over it.

    Wear high heels.

    Have your hair one color, or with a few high lights in it (but nothing bold or loud).

    • em I'm foot tall, long blond hair, em 36d, size10..

    • sorry five foot tall

  • You can always start with your hair. Change it up add highlights or something fun like that. I think 16 is when I started wearing makeup, but not a lot. Maybe a hit of eyeliner and mascara can give you a nice sophisticated look. Don't over do it though. Keep it simple.

    • aw thanks hun ya I've not had any make up so far! gona buy some Saturday! so gona have a big shop hun! can't wait!