Guys, why would you lock eyes with a stranger and smile?

I was walking pass a guy who was sitting in the bus stop. As I walked passed him we locked eyes, as soon as we did that he started smiling with a cheeky smile. He was hot and I was shocked by his reaction so I kept looking away out of nervousness and then looking back again. The whole time I did this he kept a constant stare with that cheeky smile.

Guys why did he do that?


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  • He wanted to fck you?

    I generally only stare at girls that I like.

    Can you show me an example of a cheeky smile, please?

    • I think it was a grin to be honest.

    • Well, I still don't know what it looks like; just like when girls say "just smile with your eyes" ... Well, no idea how that looks, so I have no idea if I could pull it off ;)

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