Coming to terms with girl liking someone else, any advice?

that) but I just get the feeling that she likes him. He is closer to her age, and whenever there together I'm always looking at the way she is around him, acting etc looking for clues she smiles when he makes a jokey comment towards her. I just get really jealous and angry, it sounds pathetic I know and I've never been like this before. I suppose deep down I feel threatened by him. I keep telling myself a girl can just like a guy as a friend right? I mean if a guy you like has a girlfriend, what would you do? Any advice?


First part#I like this woman in work (she is my manager) I have grown to have a lot of feelings for her, but feel I can't take it any further because she is my superior. Iam the only guy that she laughs, jokes etc with and tbh I liked the attention, as sad as it might sound. However there is a new guy started and they seem to get on really well. He already has a girlfriend (she knows that)


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  • Well the best thing you can do is be honest with her regardless of the situation. It might go I'm your favor it may not. Or you can just sit a side quietly and let things unfold. The decision is yours.

    Also, do you really have feelings for her like the next door neighbor/best friend that she has, but doesn't notice until it's his only choice to tell her. Or is it petty jealousy like your her best friend and she finds another best friend and you feel jealous.

    Sorry, it sounds like a bit of both.

    But, like the best thing I can say is tell her how you feel, some work relationships workout.

    If that's not what you're trying to go for I say you jump back in the situation, take back your spot, not in an aggressive way but approach her. Talk to her, ask her how she is. Crack a joke, make her laugh.

    I hope this is helpful, good luck =)


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