How do you know if a guy wants to approach?

We have been looking at each other for a month now. He made it super obvious at first but lately he looks away when I look at him. Well I smiled two weeks ago but he just looked at me and kept walking. So I figured he didn't like me and I started to just not look at him. Well he still looks at me (friends notice it) but now he walks by me a lot more

Yesterday it looked like he looked for me after class and walked by me and today he looked at me when he walked in class and after class I was with my friend and he kept looking at me when he was walking but I looked away and he started to walk slow looking at the wall, then the clock then back at the wall. He did a little turn at the corner of hall and started to walk my way but walking slow and looking at the other side at the wall and he walked out the building which is only a wall.

Does he want to approach me and why is it now that I'm not bothering with him it looks like he notices me more or something

I don't mean the way he walked out was a wall lol I mean like what he was looking at before he walked out the building was a wall


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  • He obviously wants to approach you, but the lack of eye contact on your part is telling him not to. If he is looking at you and you aren't returning the look, that says you don't want to be approached. If you like him, either A) keep eye contact with him, and he should eventually come start a conversation with you. Also, a lot of guys like not having to talk to the girl they like when you are in a big group of your friends. Most guys like one-on-one conversations. Or B) you could start a conversation with him given you like him. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain, right?

    Best of luck :)


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