Why is hot and cold with me

There is this girl who I work with who I have a major crush on. We are friends and talk quite a bit. However sometimes she can be really cold with me like I don't exist. Some mornings she will give a quite hello and that will be it. But I have noticed she is completely normal around everyone else. She is always hot and cold I just can't predict what she is going to be like the next. Sometimes later in the day she can warm up.

She also likes to jokingly make fun of me a lot of the time. Sometimes when I enter the room she will look over her shoulder at me briefly, or if I look at her she will smile. Why is she like this. Could she like me back?


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  • Maybe.. But why would she treat you differently than other people? She should not be running hot/cold... Sounds too high maintenance to me -- Find a woman who isn't such a mysterious puzzle unless you like winding up getting your heart trashed. I'd keep my distance.. Maintain a friendship...but there is a reason why she blows hot / cold... and none of it is good.

    Good luck.


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