Girl told me I was out of her league.....

So I met this girl okcupid. We both "liked", so I decided to send her a message. She is very pretty and has that red dot next to her name.

Anyways, we talked for a bit and she replied within minutes every time. She then said that she read my profile, found me funny and cute, but that I'm just out of her league.

Was she joking around and just playing or really saying what she feels? I'm a decent looking fellow with abundance of personality, and a great job.

Even though I believe that I am a catch, I do not believe that I'm out of her league. She must get so many messages a day (shes very attractive if I have failed to mention that). Why do you think I stand out to her? I'm sure there are better looking guys than me hitting her up all day.

FYI: I got her number and we are texting. I was just wondering if this was a pickup line that girl uses to hook someone.


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  • you should reply

    "yeah you're kinda right. You have 0 shot of getting with me. sorry for getting your hopes up but I just like to flirt"


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  • For some reason she thinks you're better than her, whether its because of looks or personality.

    I can't say why because I am not her.

    I hate when people say, "out of league"

    I think it's stupid!

    We are all people here and shouldn't put someone on a higher level than us

    based on looks.

  • I would say that to someone that I was not truly interested in, just to be nice and make them leave me alone.


      That's worse than if you hadn't said anything at all!

    • that's just extremely odd to me. You are paying them a major compliment, how would that make them leave you alone?

    • I have never said it, I just tell them I am not interested, but I think she is telling you that to be nice. You asked the question and I am answering what you posted. But I can see why she did it, she doesn't like to hurt people and tries to take the "nice" way out. No need to be calling names, I am 43 and done my fair share of dating.

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  • What a bitch... precisely why I gave up on online dating...

    We as men are just PLAYTHINGS for women ;)

    • HAHa I think I did a bad job at explaining. She felt that I was too good for her.

    • I'll say it again - bitch...

      She's all over the place... first she says she likes you, then she's not good enough for you...

      So either she has EXTREME low self-esteem (doubtful, especially if she's pretty), or she's just being an idiot (likely).

    • Exactly it's a cop out answer.

  • Most girls who look good try to come off as modest even though they do a crappy job . She probably wants you to constantly compliment her and use you to boost her astronomical ego