Why do girls aged 30 to 42 don't want to resettle down for?

hi all I'm a 42 year old male who just got divorced. I'm looking to resettle down I'm a slim build guy. I just can't find a girl/woman whos my height 172cm tall and my weight 65kg. I'm looking for a girl southwest side of sydney I've been on dating sites and have applied to 48 ladys aged between 30 to 42 but all talk on the net but the problem is non want to meet in person face to face.

so how is a guy like me can try and settle down in a relationship when they won't meet up?

ive been looking between liverpool to bankstown to the sutherland shire in sydney is my limit. can any girls help me here.

ive got out of an ugly marrage where I was verbal abused all the time. I'm looking for a girl to resettle down with that can give me the romance and love and support. but my main goal I never tell a girl is on the dating sites is I want to remarry in 8 years from now. and I'm thinking of retiring early.. yes I do agree with everyone with what you said. think about one thing OK. how did your parents meet each other years ago? there was no internet was there no. just something to think about.
unfortainly I can't meet through uni or anywhere else. I'm an only child and my parents are business minded.im in a business where no woman at all come to my work.

but yes I've been looking at other avs but still nothing. I've tired rsvp and applied to 60 woman in a month in total not heard back from one. nothing at all I've tried dating agency how I met my x wife nothing but a gold digger. so now looking at on line dating. will try another month then ill give up.:(


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  • There's a big jump between "settling down" and agreeing to meet someone you've met on a dating website in person. I think you're sort of asking the wrong question. Certainly there are women who are 30-42 who want to, and do, get into serious relationships. The question you're really asking is, "Why don't more women want to meet in person after talking on a dating site?" or perhaps, "Why don't women that I talk to on dating sites want to meet *me* in person?"

    I tried online dating for awhile, and I didn't talk to every guy who sent me a message, and I didn't agree to meet in person every guy I talked to online. For me, talking to someone online was an opportunity to get to know them better to figure out if they were someone I'd like to meet in person. I didn't meet people if it seemed like we weren't compatible or if I didn't find their personality attractive. I didn't meet people if they triggered any of my "red flags" (for example, being too pushy about meeting up in person, bringing up sex too quickly/too often, etc.). Some guys accused me of being "flaky" or not really interested in meeting up because I took my time getting to know them first, or because I was busy with other things in my life and couldn't meet up when they wanted to. I lost interest pretty quickly in those guys.

    Meeting up in person can be kind of scary too. Women especially worry about their safety when meeting a stranger. People can also feel insecure and end up "chickening out" (for example, what if I'm not what he expected and he doesn't like me?).

    I don't know why the women you've talked to didn't want to meet in person with you, as I don't know you, them, or the conversations you had with them. All I can really say is keep trying, try not to do anything that would make women feel uncomfortable about meeting you in person, and if online dating isn't working for you, maybe try a different way to meet women.

    • "think about one thing OK. how did your parents meet each other years ago? there was no internet was there no. just something to think about."

      Of course. And people don't have to just think about their parents in this regard, tons of people today meet in other ways than the Internet. In fact, myself and most of the people I know did not meet their significant other online. I met my partner at university. My mom's second-husband was an old family friend that she reconnected with.

    • I have friends who met their SO at work, through friends, through an interest club, etc.

      That's why I said, if you aren't having luck with online dating, try meeting people through other means. Its not like online dating is the ONLY way that people meet people these days.

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  • You're writing this as if this is a local site but no one from here, I think, is likely to be in from those places listed by you.

    There are more guys to pick from? unless you look after yourself, and not looking older than your chronological age, positive minded and rich - you have might have a chance with them.

    • Is your wife...Chinese?

    • i meant your ex-wife

    • no she's not neither. she is iranian. and her sisters x husband gambled everything and I'm put to blame for it. for the past 5,5 years and now I have to pay the price. the xwife sister says I have to pay her debts I said go to a bank not me.

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  • IDK about Australia but in America she 'd better get married, for $1,000,000 reasons: link

    I suppose that women in that age category are either 100% unwilling to marry ever in their life or (more probably) come out of a disappointing relationship and aren't all that hot to try it once more right away. They heard all the tricks and kinds of invitations and are prudent.

    They'll probably have teen children too. Teen's critical eyes and tongues already aborted many men's good intentions.

    • Update:

      There was no internet when I met my wife. We met at the uni, at the cafeteria. We became acquainted, I invited her to a show with the Edwin Hawkins Singers: link . Nothing happened between us that evening. A month or two later she needed a travel companion. She asked me, I accepted. (two hotel rooms!) 2 weeks later we started dating. 4 years later we married.

    • Update2: my parents too met at the uni. If you don't meet women at the job, then look at the unmarried sisters of your friends or be present at social activities with mixed attendance, rather than at football or soccer. Organized travel in group is a way to meet single women too.

    • yes tried that way too. I have a firend of mine who I did radio with and he knows my x wife and now he's trying to get me out of a radio station because my x wife did not like me doing a hobby. hows that being fair? and now he and her want my life destroyed forever. he told me and my x wife said the same thing to me. its the only thing I have left that I can do or go to now.

  • The greater question is simply what you bring to that table. Older people are going to want something more substantial so you being a divorcee with possible children ( didn't say ) working some job ( didn't say ) with certain expectations ( didn't say ) contacting 48 people over X time ( didn't specify ) just doesn't tell us anything about your plight at all.

    You may as well have asked why you've never seen Santa.