How in the world do you know a guy is checking you out?

Let me start off by saying, I am a clueless girl when it comes to guys. I stay too much in my own world & I frequently miss signs or hints lol. How in the world do you know a guy is checking you out? Will he look at you briefly, then turn away? Will he stare at you, then when you return the glance will he look away? How do you know exactly? Will he fix his hair? What do guys typically do when they check out a girl?


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  • Dont worry about being clueless, I was the same way (and sometimes still am.)

    There are different ways guys will check you out depending on their personality. Though, most try to do it when you not looking. Here are a few things that may help (though they can be easily misinterpreted as someone being polite.)

    1) They're looking you up and down

    2) they hastily look away when you look at the,

    3) Smiling at you if you make eye contact

    4) he might walk by you and slow down

    5) If you see him with friends and they look in your direction... big hint.

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