Style advice dark red hair?

I've been trying to get an idea of what sort of colors /styles would look good on me.

I have dark red hair similar to this link

which darkens to almost black as it goes down.

And pale blue grey eyes similar to this


but everything I have found only discusses natural red hair which is more of a ginger color (very different to mine).

I am relatively fit but am not totally lean. I am a slight skittle shape in terms of body type. About 5'3" tall. My measurements are bust (about a 32D. so the widest would be about 36"), waist 27, hips 39".

so I just want to know

a) what colors of clothing do you think look good on me?

b) What makeup do you think would look good? (you can see my face shape in my profile pic.)

c) what style of clothes do you think would look good?

Please provide examples.


Thanks for the answers. Keep them coming guys


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  • You are very pretty. It's just have a very lovely energy about you. I think classy cloths from the 50s era would highlight your body type while simultaneously accentuate your positive energy.

    Warm and soft materials would look good on your hour glass figure, making you even more huggable.

    I would use very light make up, because you have a very natural beauty that shouldn't be detracted from with dark makeup stealing the attention.

    Your cloths should be bright soulfull colors,they will be congruent with your sweet and kind face.


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  • Blue/purple would set off the red hair and grey eyes. A brightly colored scarf would work well.

    I'd choose jeans, or skirts with leggings, and something lively to go with your hair.

  • link




    This are some of the links og clothing which gonna be perfect for your body


What Girls Said 2

  • a] id say white and black would be your best colors simply because they look ultra sexy with red. other nice colors id say would be pale or deep blue, light grey and a red like the color of your hair.

    if your more adventurous of a fashionista and would rather block than compliment, do purples and yellows.

    b] anything that will make your eyes pop but at the same time not b so over the top. something like this maybe? link

    c] it depends on your style as well, its not a good idea to let your hair determine the rest of your outfit. stick with your previous style but just work around different colors:) keep it funky and fresh. because no matter how casual or elegant your outfit will b, that hair color is just always gonna add this hint of 'hip' which is pretty awesome.

    hope that helped a little, good luck! :D

  • Ughhhh I looove dark red hair!

    a) Black, green and white. Also pastels and nudes.

    b) Kinda pin up style link link or natural eyes with a bold lip link For day wear something like this: link

    c) it depends on what you're like. Something edgy suits the hair, or even something more classic/sophisticated.