Am I a shoe-in to getting accepted to WVU as a transfer?

Well, the transfer acceptance rate for WVU is 66%. I'm assuming most of these people aren't all that bright. I should have around a 2.8 or 2.9 gpa by the end of this spring and hope to enroll in the fall to restart my gpa and eventually transfer to a top 10 business program like UVA or UNC. My SAT scores and high school GPA were much higher than the average student at WVU. I got a 3.85 gpa in high school, which is about .65 or .7 higher than average. I know my college gpa isn't too great, but whatever. If I write a killer essay (not even required by the way), should I be able to get in easily. Their only requirement for admission is to have a 2.0 gpa, which even now I am well above.


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  • I'd say that you stand a good chance at being accepted.

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