Girls, if a guy you are currently not in good terms with told you he missed you, how would that make you feel?

I used to be friends with this girl but she hasn't talked to me in 4 months. We see each other at school and every time we talk, we end up arguing, but before that we would tease and make each other laugh. I was a jerk to her one too many times (mainly I just got mad at her for stupid things) until she had enough.

I saw her yesterday and said hello, she responds with an angry face and gets mad if I try to have a conversation. I got so tired of that and flat out told her I missed her and that I was sorry for being a jerk as I looked right into her eyes. She got angry and told me she didn't want to hear it but after that, while still annoyed, she seemed a little more accessible. We we able to hold a conversation without her looking angry and tense. What do you feel when a guy says this to you?


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  • I would be annoyed...I would wonder why you miss me if we clearly don't get along.


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