Guys, why would you not greet a girl?

Not just any girl, a girl you work with.

We work in this big company and not even in the same department, but somehow we cross ways frequently while moving around, at lunch and so on. It's pretty common to greet a co-worker there, even if you don't really know each other or with just a nod.

Anyway, we know each other and were properly introduced in one of the meetings. He always greets me when it's business related or when I greet him first, but not if I don't say anything (or it's just my imagination?). Maybe it's just this crazy coincidence, but we've been exchanging eye contact pretty often too... I'm doing something and when I look up, he's passing by and looking at me, or I walk into a room, look around and there he's, looking again. When I'm talking to someone, when I look back for some reason, etc, ect. It happens so often and in such a variety of situations that it's getting somewhat strange or even funny. Especially since I've decided not no greet him first anymore either, so we just stand there looking at each other for like 2 seconds and carry on...

Sorry for the long explanation, guess what I would like to know is, why isn't he greeting me normally or just nodding or smiling like everyone else? Or is this just a coincidence?


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  • he might be expecting you to great yourself, when you guys make eye contact. he may not know that you want him to speak first. he could even be thinking that you like him, because its easy to tell when a girl isn't speaking to you, for some reason.

    • I dunno, its not like I want him to greet me first, but how I have noticed he won't do it unless I do it first? And many times it just feels like he noticed me way before I've noticed him, we are now staring at each other, still why wouldn't he greet me? Sounds like there is something, but I didn't do anything, I don't think so. Right now, it is just bothering me, and not in a good way :/

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    • well if he is really sociable, he is probably aware of what's going on and is expecting you to say something. if its you who keeps finding him stare at you, he probably is trying to lock eyes and make you engage him. but if its him catching you stare at him, he is probably expecting you to engage him because you where looking at him. see I'm very sociable, and some one making eye contact with me means that they want to communicate, and vise versa. so mayby your looking at him more than you think

    • Hmm The times we made eye contact, think it's usually because I feel something that makes me look in his direction and that's when we end up staring at each other. It only lasts like 2, 3 seconds, and I would have thought it just a coincidence if he had greeted me more naturally, not just stared with a blank expression every single time...

      Can I ask, if he's the one looking (and not indeed just a big coincidence), why should I be the one engaging him? ...

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