Recently I've had a couple girls stare at me as we walk past each other.

so they like look at me for like a sec and kinda look nervous

i wasn't looking at them so I 'm guessing the only 2 reason would be

1) they find me attractive or their friend does

2) there's some internet gossip about me being weird/creepy/jerk/etc

how do I find out if number 2 is true? are there any sites to check whether or not people are talking about me.


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  • Why don't you just have one of your guy friends go snoop around these girls? Girls like telling the main dude's friends the intel.

    • i don't know them and when I'm at library some girls glance at me some don't so I m really confused

    • Then when you meet one of their eyes, just smile as if you find it silly, and go back to your reading. . That might give her the courage to come up to u.

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