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Of those people who never get angry, shout, or depressed. Have you figured them out?


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  • Yes I have - they found peace and discovered themselves.

    Next question that isn't a troll?

    • Sorry, this isn't an attempted troll. If it was I would be anonymous.

    • Think about it - the only people like that are fake. Even monks get mad -- now in the movies... yes there are the holy zen and peace of the individual, but at the same time that is the movies =/

      I didn't mean to come off rude, but at the same time there is no way to find 100% peace and not be mad/angry - imagine if your sister was killed by a drunk driver, you wouldn't be all calm and non-aggressive.. Atleast the general public wouldn't be like that.

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  • they aren't human

    • To clarify...they are actually robots.

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  • Well, I'm one of those people and I have yet to figure out how or why I am like that...but it definitely makes life a lot easier and better.

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