Tips for a new clubber?

I went clubbing this weekend and actually met a girl and danced with her and got her number, didn't work out but whatever. Problem is, I didn't do anything. I just kept catching her eye and we just kept making eye contact until she finally walked by me and squeezed my side and ushered me out onto the dance floor (half an hour before the club closed).

Obviously that's not always going to happen, what should I do once I get her looking into my eyes, approach her right away? Then what?

Also, once I have her number, what do I do? I'm pretty sure I scared the last girl away by coming on too strong (Give me a break though I haven't been single in two years, haha).

I won't lie, right now I'm looking to get laid, but if something more came of it I wouldn't be upset, haha. Still kind of down that I lost the girl I met this weekend, but at the same sense, I've gained some confidence from it. I must be attractive to women if I can just chill with my friend having some drinks and get the attention of a beautiful woman, haha.

Also, a friend of mine is coming with me too this weekend, and she's bringing some of her friends I think. Is it true it's easier to meet new women when you're with a few girl friends?


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  • Haha this is funny you asked because I have had this happen to me. I met my last boyfriend at a club (we are now broken up after a few months) but nonetheless I met a guy this way. When you meet eyes with a girl and the gaze is held long enough or you both smile, etc, you will know she is interested. If she keeps looking at you she definitely interested so walk over to her and start chatting. If you dance, even better. Grab her digits before you leave at the end of the night, don't take her home if you want to see her more than once. If you just want sex, ask her if you can take her home or if she wants to go hang out some more that night. Use protection.

    If you want to see her more, tell her you will call her and I would say call her in two days. My ex called me the next day, I was surprised, a little put off because he called soon, but at the same time I knew he was interested. Then ask her her out on a date, something simple like going to a movie or getting some drinks. When you meet up just don't come off too strong. If you hit it off tell her you will call her again, but this time wait a little long between 4 days to a week and set up another date. Good luck

    • Wtf@ waiting so many days to call? DO NOT do that. That is so immature and lame. If you are interested in someone why make them wait so damn long? That rule of waiting days and days is outdated and silly.

    • Honestly you really just don't want to scare her away. Plus, when you start dating sometimes things go too fast or you spend way too much time together and you get sick of each other. Taking time getting to know someone makes a relationship last longer.

  • Once you are 100% sure she's checking you out and got her attention:

    You should walk up behind her and grind your pelvis into her butt slowly then hard enough that she feels your boner almost in the crack. Then whisper something hot in her ear, maybe give her a lick as you whisper. Totally sexy.


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