Do you think he is still mad at me?

We had an argument 6 weeks ago. He's not my boyfriend. We liked each other. It was about him being mad at me because he saw me speaking to his male coworker (who came and spoke to me first, it was an innocent conversation) and I asked his female coworker a question because I wanted her to stop gossiping. I did not speak to him for a month. I could see and feel him looking at me. He'd even peek at me from the corner of where I'm sitting. I'd be sitting down on the bench, and he'd peek from the corner or he'd look at me instead of everyone else that was sitting there. After the argument, he'd still always look at me. So yesterday I decided to do so for the hell or it. I wanted to clear it up. They were telling a different coworker how I liked the male coworker I was speaking to. They were making a mountain out of a molehill and would tell the man who liked me that I liked his coworker (untrue). I told the man who liked me that they kept talking about me and it and he never believe me.

I was like do you mind if we talk? He was like about what? Then I tell him that you damn near bugged out on me. He was like I had good reason and I didn't want you going up to my coworker. Then I'm like I wasn't lying to you, I was telling you the truth and you made me out to be a liar. He was just staring at me and said that was a long time ago, I got over it and you should too. I said I did, I just wanted to clear it up. Then he said OK & I have to get to my class so have a good night.

It's like he can't believe anything I'm saying but believes his coworkers! Those two women were vindictive by spreading false gossip and wanting to know his personal business. I was trying to help him.

Now, I've seen him looking at me a lot last week Wednesday. He'd be walking by and manages to look at me. I'll be sitting alone and still he looks my way. Even my classmate noticed and made a confused face like WTF cause he was looking at us (I know it was at me). He keeps paying attention to me by looking at me... I'm 20 and he 25.

Why though? I wasn't telling them anything personal about him or his business with me.


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  • I really doubt that he is over it as he says. It sounds like he does have feelings but is still hurt by the gossip spread about you. It is crazy that people believe gossips before they believe the victims of those gossips. Unfortunately such people are good at making even the denials look like acts of guilt. This might be hard to resolve since he doesn't seem to be very open to giving you the benefit of the doubt even when he's had weeks to see that you are not attached to his coworker.

    Since he has no claims on you, what right does he have to be angry it you talk to a guy? Even if you were flirting with the coworker, that gives him no right to be angry with you. He also has no business doubting what you say about him. That suggests he thinks he does have some sort of claim on you with the right to get jealous over your actions.


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  • I see, so you lied about your age on GAG. That's pretty bad. Anyway, he isn't angry at you. That's all I'm going to say; the rest would be better if you hashed it out on your own. I can't give it to you for free.

  • yes he is still mad at you


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