Looking for a place to live

Anyone know where/how to start looking for a place that has the things I'd need? Google isn't helping me.

I'm halfheartedly poking around looking for an apartment for some point in the future.

I'm not in any hurry to find a place but with how I tend to put things off, I better start looking now for ideas so that in like 2 years I can move out on my own.

In any case I'd be looking for a small place to rent. Studio apartments would be the best.

I'd be able to afford $500-$600 a month rent. I'm not looking for anything nice or classy. Just a place to live. It does not need to allow pets.

I'd want to be in the Ohio area around Granville.

Anyone know how to start searching for a place?


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  • A Newspaper. How about you ask your folks how this works? It changes based on the area and the means of the places in question. Some only post in papers. Some only on the net. Etc.


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  • Do you not have some form of housing classifieds in America or?

    • We do, I just am not sure where to find them...sorry. I know I sound pathetic :p

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