Mozilla firefox problem, help? Tabs won't save when you start up firefox and cannot open "recently closed tabs

I updated firefox (I also updated "advanced systemcare protection to 7.0 virus if that makes a difference but it's never caused me problems).

I ended up losing all my tabs I have saved to open up when I start firefox up. my home page becomes yahoo answers even though I set it to google (it will stay as google until the next time I turn my computer back on). my recently closed tabs will be blank.

i looked at the settings and they look exactly the same as they were before.

anyone able to help please it would help!


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  • This isn't really help bit tip: get Chrome

    • I don't really want to support Google. Google collect all your data

    • really ? oh crap ha ha and what Mozilla doesn't? I'm sure it must...

    • Yeah lol, Google callaborated with the NSA too aha, they sell your details to third parties, I think they started collecting and storing the data to identify individuals back in 2002. Mozilla actually refused to give out peoples personal information, they received an offer to buy it from Google, I think it was back in 2010. Mozilla actually value privacy and have integrated priavacy policies into the browser :)

      plus... google chrome barely if ever remembers tabs so it was never good to begin

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