This guy is constantly around me/nearby me, but doesn't look at me?

There's this guy at my community college that I've just started noticing because he's always near me! The campus is small, but this kid is constantly near me and walking past me where I can see him. Yet, he never looks directly at me or gives me eye contact. There were a few instances where he was deliberately walking past me; one time he even walked past me 3 times back and forth within 5-10 minutes. What's his deal?


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  • Sweet mother of Jebus! I know exactly what this guy's all about - he's seriously shy/introverted but likes you a lot!

    He doesn't look at you because he can't work up the courage to do so, and because he can't do that simple thing then he will only approach you the day when hell freezes over.

    He's very much hoping that you take up the initative to talk to him - and with that said, I highly agree with alexstorm: if you like him then ask him some random question; if you don't like him then tell him you don't like him hanging around you (it may sound harsh, but it really needs to be said)

    • Thanks for ba :)

      I'll bet he's often in your line of sight, and yet he never looks in your direction *sigh* I'm like that *sigh*

    • YES! you nailed it! he does that all the time! he gets in my line of sight ALL THE TIME, but does nothing!

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  • If he's close to your age, he most likely is fascinated by your look and perhaps your actions with others. He may have low self esteem and think that asking you out would be stretching too far, his self opinion of what is possible. It's possible that this method has gotten women to confront him and maybe that's his pick up routine.

    If he's not your age within 4 years or so, he may be thinking that the age is a factor and is on the edge of talking to you because of that. Not looking at you is definitely a sign of lower self confidence. Either he is feeling less than successful with women or is afraid of rejection.

    Since you noticed him, the question is, would you like to possibly get to know him better? Does he seem a little interesting or attractive? His self confidence may get better over time, but it's a general indication that he will remain probably shy and less assertive. Is that a type of guy that you would find interesting to be around long term? If yes, then walk up and start a conversation with some local question about where to eat.

    If you decide not to be interested, you should talk to him in a public place and tell him you don't appreciate him hanging around and following you.

    Good luck.


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  • I have a guy at my University and I swear he does the same thing! It's so weird. I really want to talk to him too, but I just can't seem to get the nerve, so all I do is smile. hoping he'll approach.