Is it weird or unattractive that I style and color my hair?

I am an artist at heart, and so I like to play around with my appearance by styling my hair and dying it different colors. I am naturally a light brown color, but sometimes I will grow it out or shave it and also dye it different colors while keeping with the latest trends in fashion.

I love messing with girls heads by fooling them into thinking my fake hair color is natural, since many girls only have sex with men who have dark brown to black hair (although they won't admit this publicly). It is a way of saying, "I have perfect genetics, your odds of procreating with me are enhanced as long as I can deceive you into thinking I am the real deal."

One time I dyed my hair and facial hair almost black, got a deep looking Mediterranean tan, wore light green contact lenses and was able to get 10 different girls numbers in one night.

With my natural pale complexion and brown eyes and light brown hair, I would not have had such success. I am of Caucasian descent.

I am able to manipulate my appearance the same way girls manipulate theirs by using makeup and such, but girls still think it is silly or "gay" for me to do it. I don't care.

The main reason I do this is to expose the superficiality that underlines a woman's selection of mates.

I notice that in order to maximize the number of heterosexual girls who will be attracted to you, you must possess the following:

1. Have a handsome symmetrical face with black stubble and well structured eyes (meaning eyebrows are close to the eyes with a pronounced brow ridge) Have a chin that protrudes slightly and a Mandible that is wide with a 70-80 degree gonial angle.

2. Have wavy hair that is dark brown to black

3. Have a deep brown tan

4. Have Green or Blue eyes

5. Be taller than 6 feet, ideally 6'2-6'4

6. Have perfect skin

7. Have large, shredded muscles (190-220 lbs, 4% BF)

8. Broad shoulders

9. D*** that is 7-9 inches long and 6 inches girth

10. Have big hands and thick fingers

11. wear perfectly fitted clothing, or clothing that shows off physique

12. Have perfectly white teeth that are not obscured by gums when you smile

13. Have a deep voice

14. Have tattoos, mostly on arms.

^^ If you have a nice car, house, great personality, great personality, are famous, and have a great personality you are perfect and have maximized your odds of success.

I am working on possessing all of these traits and overriding my perceived genetic barriers.


My Goals:

1. Add 40lbs muscle

2. Keep hair/skin dark using MT2 or MT1 once I figure out which peptide is safer

3. Get melanin in my eyes zapped out using laser technology

4. Increase Height by 3 inches (from 5'11) by using spinal decompression, Bliskunov drive devices, synthetic HGH injections (within reason). The HGH will also increase the bone mass in my extremities, leading to larger hands

5. Use PE to increase p**** by one - 2 inches

6.Teeth Whitened

6. Jaw Surgery/Masseter hyptrhy


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  • Haha honestly while I think actually going to do surgery and using all that energy and money to "perfect" your body would be off-putting (maybe not in such a good way), the fact that you're approaching this like a thesis project would yield a very interesting conversation.

    That's what would be attractive - the meticulousness of your thought process and your conversation. As long as you're clean, moderately fit, and dress well, it would lay the foundation for something more substantial. Having a "perfect" attractiveness-tested body might get you girls, but it won't let you keep them.

    They'd want you to be able to talk and think about other things. They'd want you to find other ideas, longer lasting things, more important. I'd be attracted to you if you put that much energy and had that much curiosity for everything you did. You would always have something interesting to talk about. But if your knowledge and passion was limited to just that one subject, it would be disappointing.

    Looking at great art is a wonderful experience. But the reason art is valuable is not just because it's pretty to look at...but what it means, the story behind it, etc. So use how you look to tell a story, rather than just to make people like you for your face.


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  • LOL I hate to admit it but I am very turned on by all that.


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  • Are you serious getting girls is not hard, even if you are a perfectionist but TBH you only need to have some of those things on that list if you have at least 2 you can get a lot of girls if you have all you'll be a p**** magnet I guess but be happy with what your born with and only change the things you can because somepeople have all those things and didn't have to go through what you are going to.

    • When you work hard for something you appreciate it more, I would rather work for my achievements then have handed to me by god.

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    • Oh either way this is defeintely one of the most interesting posts I have read.

    • Oh either way this is one of the most interresting posts I've read on here