What do guys think of tattoos and/or piercings?

Do you think its attractive or a total turn off?

Where are tattoos and piercings attractive at? Where aren't they?

If you think they are a turn off why?

  • I think girls with tattoos and piercings are hot
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  • I don't really care
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  • I don't like them on girls
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  • I'm not a guy but for the most part I don't mine piercings or tattoos as long as they are tastefully done. I have my nose pierced and it's a tiny tiny stud, you can hardly notice it. I also have a small tattoo in a hidden spot, along with my ears pierced. I don't believe it looks trashy, or like I'm trying to draw attention to myself. I suppose as long as things are chosen with care to how they'll look 50 years from now, I see nothing wrong with them.


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  • i think Tattoos and piercings are alright depending on where they are. I think Snakebites are unattractive. I think hoops through the lips are annoying and get in the way of the girl I'm trying to kiss (the same goes for nipple piercings too). Tongue piercings are sexy. Labia not so much. Clitoris is sexy though (even if it does occasionaly get in my way). Tattoos are nice. the odd small tattoo on the arm can be sexy, or cheap depending on what and how it looks. Tramp stamps are hard to pull off, but can be managed. So hard to pull it off without looking like you're some cheap \/\/hore. Tattoo sleeves can also be sexy. I don't know... the whole thing regarding piercings and tattoos is a tough call really.

  • I dislike all ink on both boys and girls. Clean, natural and clear skin without tons of makeup or ink is the most beautiful in my book. As far as poking holes, earrings are alright and if push comes to shove, I can tolerate a bellybutton one as well. Poking holes in your eyebrow, mouth area and so forth just scream "look at me" and quite frankly, I don't like those who try to draw too much attention to themselves.

  • a total turn off: it is self inflicted mutilation.

  • turn off


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