How the heck do I handle this?

I'm not really a rah rah, in your face kind of guy. I recently took a job as a security guard at an outlet through a company a friend of mine recommended me for. one of the things I put down on my application was that I used to take martial arts(Shotokan), which is true, although it was a while ago. I'm average height and slightly overweight. We were told at orientation that sometimes shoplifters aren't always a certain stereotype. Boy did I find out! Last night nearing the end of my shift I was by the end of the checkout area when I saw this lady(ok, very good looking blond, probably 20 something, about 5'7 and 140, GOOD looking)nearing the end of an aisle I was facing. Her looks caught my eye, but so did the fact that she had put something in her purse and had looked around. I found that suspicious. I rounded the checkout area and approached her as she was rounding the aisle. I told her my suspicions, and asked to look in her purse. She had this disgusted look on her face and then stated 'What are you going to do? Run me in?" Then she started to walk away. I then grabbed her by the elbow to get her attention once more. She turned and faced me. I wanted her to come to the security room. She faced me and shifted her stance, with her hip cocked out and that threw me off. I looked down, and I don't know what I was thinking honestly. She had on tight jeans and I was just unfocused. Then I looked up at her face and she had this flirty kind of smile on her face with her head tilted to the side. That got me. I saw it right then, she casually flipped out her right hand to slap my face. But I was paralyzed! I should've blocked out her hand but I can't. Impossible. I got *SLAPPED* by her pretty easily. It stung, and I said 'Ahh.' and gently put my hand on my cheek and looked at her. She smirked at me and then walked off. Whatever it was she had put in her purse, she must have taken the censor off because when she left, the detectors never sounded. Since it was close to the end of my shift, and out of complete embarrassment she slapped the crap outta me, I didn't even bother to report it in my shift report. I'm pretty damn depressed about it, getting slapped by her like that! My training didn't work worth a crap on her. How the heck can I even do this job? I have today off and I'm embarrassed to even admit it. Should I report this? Or was she in the right? I just don't know how to handle this.


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  • just let it go


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