When you're sad, what would be the best way for a girl to cheer you up?

So, again, I was in science and the guy who sits next to me looked so sad and depressed. he wouldn't even say anything until I poked his shoulder and said " don't touch me" this isn't the first time he's been sad... what should I do?


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  • The best way to solve a Man's problems is with an actual solution to his problems.

    If you cannot provide that, just make sure he knows you're there for him.

    Make him a sandwich. Try to talk to him.

    He might not want to talk about it, but he'll appreciate your concern, and your sandwich.

    As long as you're supportive, you're not causing any additional problems for him, and that's the important thing.


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  • Give him space. It's great that you're trying the cheer him up, it's sweet, but if he's unresponsive, just try leaving him alone. He'll come around.


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  • Just talk to him...ask him what's going on...how he's doing...if he says "fine", leave it alone...if he wants to talk...then uh...talk! :)

    • Hey, I'm mormon 2!

      back to the subject: I tried that, he doesn't even talk back

    • Seriously?? cool!!!!!!

      then he doesn't want to talk about it...guys aren't like girls who want to just vent...girls will vent to guy or girl friends...but guys usually keep it to themselves...leave it alone and keep his mind on other stuff.