What is it about rock stars?

what is it about rock star that turns girl on especially the towards the lead guitarists why are rock stars so attractive, girls? I wanna know the psychology behind it I mean what is it about them especially the guitar music.


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  • I was actually thinking about this the other day. for me I love guys who are in bands or know how to play music because for one if they write music that's a way of expressing yourself. not to many guys say what's on their mind so its like a breathe of fresh air to listen to lyrics and realize they do think the same way about realationships as girls do or actually care. also it depends on the band if you can tell they are having a blast playing that's sexy as hell! why? they have a passion and love and think about how many hours and free time they gave up to master their craft! that's beyond hot to me. ambition is everything in my book. and yeah a way a guy holds the guitar haha that will do it to me also! I think its the strength behind them when they play also and the wet bodys from sweating aren't to bad haha :) hope I helped!

    • Lol thanx very detailed answer actualy in my paper for my class I talked about the rush musicians/rockstar get from playing music that attracts the crowd. something similar to ur answer.

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    • Lol no it was fun at all pysch1101 but I was getting a bad grade in it so I asked my prof. if I can do a e.c. project to bump up my grade and he agreed so I decided to do it on the topic of "music and love" it got me a C in the class.

    • Haha oh nevermind....nice congrats! :)

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  • I've never actually really been attracted to a "rockstar", but most of the guys I've liked have either played in a band or played guitar. I actually don't think it was ever the fact that they played guitar or were in a band that attracted me, I think it was more their clothes haha.

  • it's not always the lead guitarist, just the best looking one imo.

    i've been really attracted to the singer of my favourite metalband for a few years but then I got to meet him and even got backstage at their concert in London (no I'm not a groupie) and then there was nothing special about him anymore cause you realise he's just another human being. you don't really know the person so tend to idealise him.

    and I think the singers are often the most adored ones because:

    - bands often make sure the singer is a goodlooking one

    - the lyrics is something we love to relate to and if they're romantic...

    besides it's also just a matter of taste, some girls find them digusting

  • I think it is their style and the image that they project. A lot of girls love the whole punk or rocker look on a guy if they can pull it off well, too.

  • I used to be really into them but I'm not too much anymore. I liked their style and the way they were able to make music was pretty hot too.

    • So ur saying its the music that is attractive in long run? I'm doing this for a psychology class by the way so any insight would be great.

    • Yeah, I've always thought that guys who are musically talented are a lot more attractive then guys who aren't.

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