Fire alarm keeps going off?

I live in a condo style apartment complex, and the fire alarms seem to go off frequently in my building. They are like the commercial style ones, not just a smoke detector that most people have in their houses. If one goes off, they all go off. When they have gone off, everyone just gets pissed because we end up waiting like half an hour before someone comes to turn them off. And we figure that some dumbass burned their food or was smoking and isn't fessing up to it. God forbid there is ever an actual fire, most people probably wouldn't even get out of the building since there are so many false alarms.

Earlier in the year, they said they were experiencing some malfunctioning, which became evident when they said the alarm originated from the alarm in my kitchen and I wasn't cooking or even in the room. They said they were working on getting it fixed, someone was coming to check it out and take care of it.

Well, last night at about 10:30 the alarm starts going off again. I've been sick and I was in my bed, just wanting to sleep. I went outside, checked for smoke, saw none, went back to my bed, and put a pillow over my head to block out some of the noise.

About half an hour later, it gets shut off. I am so relieved until someone comes and rings my door bell. It's the maintenance guy who shuts the alarm off. He says the alarm originated from my bedroom. Again, I wasn't cooking, not using candles, I had shut the heat off for the night,there wasn't steam from the shower or anything near it, I certainly wasn't smoking, so why would this happen?

Has anyone else had this experience? Is there something I don't know about these alarms that could be causing them to go off? Like if it's dusty or something because I haven't cleaned it, it might go off? Is it just some weird flaw in the alarms that can't be fixed? Or is this something I should harass the maintenance about, since who knows how many times it has gone off for no reason and pissed everyone off?


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  • It was happening at my place. All these hard-wired alarms are linked together. When one goes off, the others are "recruited" to sound off. It typically happened very early in the morning.

    Well, the problem was finally revealed. Dust or small mites were getting inside the units and were triggering the sensor. The solution was to blow out the units with canned air from Walmart. We haven't had further problems and it has been nearly 2 years.

    You can either blow out all the units or just the one that's triggering the others.

  • Have they come in & changed out the units in your apartment?

    If not I'd insist they do so ASAP!


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