Is he trying to find a way to talk to me? What's the deal?

This guy and I always use to stare or look at each other. He use to basically turn his head all the way to the back just to look at me. One day I got the courage to smile at him but he just stayed looking and walked off. I bumped into him after and we saw each other but I looked away and my friend said his face turned red and he stayed looking at the door we walked in.

I didn't bother no more and I hung out with my friend and that guy kept staring. After that I noticed he would walk my way a lot and it looked like he wanted to approach me but he didn't. He also started to hold the door open for me and I do say thank you.

It's been a month and he ends up sitting in front of me when his row was perfectly empty. This girl asked me what was my grade on the test and I told her I didn't know and that guy turned to her with a smile like he couldn't believe it and said he only got two questions right. This other girl started talking and he was just like "yeah" and it stopped. When I got up to leave he was taking awhile but I could see he was kinda looking at me so I just walked past him and he left the same time I did.

Can someone pls tell me what they think?


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  • "Can someone pls tell me what they think?"

    That the guy is incredibly shy and at the same time has an incredible crush on you.

    "He also started to hold the door open for me"

    Bet he never said anything and probably couldn't hold your eye gaze for long; swiftly looked away - if he even looked into your eyes at all.

    "he couldn't believe it and said he only got two questions right."

    He's a champ that he can even open his mouth and speak while his crush is around him - I couldn't do it even though my life would depend on it. I'll bet he's very often in your line of sight as well, and never dares to look at you when he's in your eyeline

    • Thank you!

      Once he let me pass in front of him and I looked at him but he was looking at me so I looked down fast and said thank you.

      I didn't know if he was interested or not that's why I gave up. But since this semester is ending in less than a month now I might not see apart of me wonders if he is actually going to say something to me before then. I really hope so because when I want to talk to him the words don't come out and I go blank

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    • Well my gosh lol this is just so tiring! haha

      I did want to give him my number on a paper but my friend told me no because what if there is a girl in his life already or he shows his friends or makes fun of me.

      I just want to go for it already..well actually hoping he does.

      But when he talked to those other girls..I just got like "STUPID GIRLS! GO AWAY" I knew he wasn't interested in them. Including the pretty little blond one. He just looked at her and didn't really want to talk.

    • Unless he liked her too lol

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